Align to Grid Group overview

Align to Grid Group

Align to Grid Group was designed to ensure, that if you have a corporate or personal grid and guidelines on slide, you can actually align shapes with them. The grid can be set right from the pane, using the middle button of the group.

The functions in the group are:

  • Align to Grid Middle: custom command
  • Align to Grid Top: custom command
  • Alignto Grid Center: custom command
  • Align to Grid Left: custom command
  • Selection Pane: custom command, sets the slide Grid to align with
  • Align to Grid Right: custom command
  • Distribute to Grid Horizontally: custom command
  • Align to Grid Bottom: custom command
  • Distribute to Grid Vertically: custom command

Using this Group of BIP Tool will save you precious time, which you would waste otherwise manually aligning shapes on slides with the corporate grid and guidelines.

Spend your time wisely!