Format Text Group overview

Format Text Group

Format Text Group was designed to increase the speed of text alignment and editing , structured in an easy and intuitive way.

The functions in the group are:

  • Set Horizontal Alignment: regular PowerPoint command
  • Set Vertical Alignment: regular PowerPoint command
  • Set Text Direction: regular PowerPoint command
  • Increase Font Size: regular PowerPoint command
  • Decrease Font Size: regular PowerPoint command
  • Set Text Superscript: regular PowerPoint command
  • Set Bullets: custom commands, which include such useful features as automatic font bulleting
  • Decrease Indent Level: regular PowerPoint command
  • Increase Indent Level: regular PowerPoint command
  • Autofit Text Options: regular PowerPoint command
  • Wrap Text: regular PowerPoint command
  • Set Text Margins: custom commands, which allows to quickly restore or remove margins

Using this Group of BIP Tool will save you precious time, which you would waste otherwise looking for these functions in the ribbon, trying to arrange them in an easy and intuitive way in quick access toolbar or manually setting various text parameters.

Spend your time wisely!